Saturday, June 14, 2008


I wasn't tagged, but I'll fill it out anyway since I'm a lurker of A Little Mischief.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was graduating from college with a degree in Elementary Education.
I moved back to Virginia and started teaching second grade.
I started hanging out with Phil, my friend since I was 10.
I shared an apartment with a roommate that threw coffee grounds and eggshells on my bed and called the cops on me when my parents were visiting. The cops came and laughed at her and shook my hand.

2. 5 things on my to do list
laundry is always on the list
read lots of books to my kids this summer
lose my last 15 pounds
make more friends
get ready for the crab feast today

3. Snacks I enjoy
That is easy since I'm on Atkins. I enjoy anything with carbs. I love chocolate and I miss salty snacks like chips. Actually this diet is perfect for me because I love meat and cheese anyway. I could really go for some Olive Garden pasta about now though.

4. Things I would do as a billionare
Give money to church
Give money to my parents to pay them back for college; thanks to them I have no student loans
Buy a huge house in the Tampa Bay area overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Beachfront property of course.
put money away for my kids' education
cook less, eat out more
hire a maid

5.Three of my Bad Habits
too much tv watching
need to exercise more
too much worrying

6. Five places I have lived
Stouffville, Ontario
Vienna, Virginia
Herndon, Virginia
Cedarville, Ohio
Winfield, Illinois
Fairfax Virginia (that's 6)

7. 5 jobs I've had


envelope stuffer for SIDS awareness

Resident Assistant at college

Paul Harris clothing sales associate(I think they went out of business)

Frito Lay warehouse worker - the only female worker, yikes,lifting potato chips can get heavy believe it or not, especially the pretzels. I loaded and unloaded trucks, and I put orders of chips together for grocery stores. Of course I got all the free chips I wanted, but I was in great shape from all the warehouse work. I actually LOVED this job.

elementary teacher- one day I'll probably go back to this, I miss it, but I want to be home more

stay at home mom

8. How I named this blog
Well, we are the Sowers family. Students I used to teach would laugh and say my name sounded like sour candy. But, just because you have a sour name, it doesn't me you have to be a sour person. Just add a little sugar!

I tag no one except all the same people Mischief asked to do this.


The G's said...

Lori - so glad you commented on my blog. How is your summer? We are loving the fact things are a little slower and we can spend lots of time at the pool!! I will be checking your blog often!!

tracey said...

love the new blog! take your epi-pen for phil and have a great time at the crab fest!

Lori said...

Summer is great! It is always my favorite time of year!