Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ugly Christmas Sweater

This Sunday my church is asking everyone to come dressed wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. Unfortunately I had none in my closet. I had a couple I never would have donated if I had known this event was coming up. So the search began!
Who wants to pay a bunch of money though for an ugly sweater? Not me! So I went to the local Salvation Army and paid $6 for a white(well it used to be white) cardigan with these big glittery poinsettas on it. Something I would never wear. Well, when I paid for it, the lady in front of me was impressed with my find. She thought it was beautiful and was giving me tips on how to get a small stain out of the sleeve. Ha! I wanted to tell her it adds to how PERFECT this is, keeping it in the ugly sweater category. Maybe she'll be excited when she goes back next week and sees the same sweater back at Salvation Army. I would make her day. Unless I decide to hang on to it for next year.. . . I hear Ugly Christmas Sweater parties are all the rage.