Friday, May 29, 2009


Cute and funny! No animals were hurt :)

Bookmarks are Here!

I have recently launched my new bookmarks at my etsy shop Hidden Treasure. They are pretty shepherd hook style bookmarks. Perfect as a gift or for yourself. The best part is they are only $5!($8 after shipping). I really love them and want to show off a few examples. Do you love them too? More are available in my shop.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Still love the grocery store!

I get so excited going to the grocery store. It is so fun for me! Right now I am just giddy about my shopping trip. I spent $14.60 on $38.32 worth of stuff. Name brand stuff. That is 62 percent off. It is so fun matching coupons with sales. Let me tell you what I got for under 15 dollars. I think everything I got was best name brand kind of stuff

2 bottles of bbq sauce
2 bottles of mayo
4 boxes of cereal
5 bags of frozen vegetables
1 dozen eggs
pack of sponges

nothing was store brand

Maybe this is boring to you, but for me, it is FUN! More money for other things like bills and fun stuff