Saturday, June 14, 2008

Crabby Day

The Sowers family is getting ready to go to the annual crab feast. We will be at Lake Anna; it is a perfect day to hang out at the lake. We are kind of slow getting out the door to leave, but thankfully it doesn't official start for 4 more hours. It is 10 a.m. now. I have the kids all dressed in crab shirts, which is almost becoming expected of them at the reunion since I do that every year. We are resorting to McDonald's for breakfast. Christina filled the potty this morning with toilet paper, thankfully she didn't try to flush it. The boys are hyper, but I'm sure they are just excited about seeing their grandparents. I'm always worried at the crab feast, because Phil is DEATHLY allergic to crabs. Anyway, after we get past all this chaos and start driving to the lake, it will be a wonderful day. I'm a water nymph. Give me some sun and a body of water and it makes instant happiness. The jetski is the icing on the cake. So except for the crabs on the table, this won't be a crabby day at all.

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