Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

We had a very nice Father's Day. We didn't go out anywhere too fancy, but definitely places we like. We are saving our money for our anniversary dinner on Tuesday. 8 years! After church, I took Phil to Chipotle. For dinner we went to Five Guys for hamburgers. It was all very delicious. Yet something was missing. Tomatoes! Who else misses tomatoes at restaurants? At Chipotle I absolutely LOVE the tomato with cilantro. Yet, they couldn't serve it. They were in the process though of having tomatoes overnighted. At Five Guys I couldn't have a tomato on my burger. I missed the tomato! All the food though was still really good.
I spent the afternoon grocery gaming. I have so much fun with this. I save an unbelievable amount of money. This week my savings were about 50 percent off my grocery bill. If anyone decides to sign up, ask me for my email so you can put me in the referral section. It is
In the evening we spent a little time outside. Phil had a sudden idea about his car that has been broken for 2 years. It worked! He got it running again. That was the best gift for him ever. For Father's Day, we gave him rocks the kids painted at MOPS. I gave him a pair of shorts he wanted at Target. For his birthday last month, I gave him an Ipod and a Sidekick LX, so Father's Day was not as huge for him this time. Here's some pictures from the day. Some of these are probably also on Phil's blog.

Phil the Daddy with Christina, David, and Andrew

Phil and Andrew

Phil and David

Phil and Christina

I'm so grateful my kids have such a wonderful Daddy.

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