Monday, June 16, 2008

Family Reunion Time at Lake Anna

Well Saturday at the lake went great, and Phil managed not to have any allergy issues. I ate some crab and shrimp, a special treat since I try to keep most of that stuff out of our house for his sake. Yummy! We played in the water too, but unfortunately a thunderstorm came up, so time in the water was limited. 43 family members showed up for the Sowers reunion. Andrew was very shy and stuck close to us. He said, "I didn't know we had so many people in our family!"
I got some great pictures that will follow. A relative even asked if he could use my camera to take a couple pictures wilth me in them. That was very thoughtful because I am almost always the one behind the camera, and so we have very few pictures of me. Maybe its kinda of on purpose, I don't know! The truth is, I love photography. Here they are:

Ready for crab feasting!

Walking to the water

Christina wants to get in. Time to put on her swimsuit!

Christina and Mommy

Mommy, Christina and my father-in-law Mike

Look what I found! Phil took this pic.

Anyway, we had a great time. I think we will head back down to the Lake for 4th of July weekend, Friday and Saturday. Oh, how I love days at the water!


The G's said...

Great pics. Where did you get the crab shirts the boys are wearing? Looks like a nice day on the water.

Lori said...

Both of those were at Children's Place. That's usually where I end up finding the crab shirt every summer. They usually have great deals over there.