Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Storm!

I am all settled in and ready to be stranded at home! You see, we have a huge snowstorm that is going to paralyze the whole area. Grocery stores are running out of food, and the storm has earned the nickname snowpocalypse. I am enjoying all the hysteria around here; it is funny to me. I know it is a ton of snow, but as long as I'm safe and warm in my house with my kids and my family, then bring it on! The snow has started and the roads are covered.
Anyway, we could have anywhere from 20 to 33 inches. I'm eager to see if we really get that much. I'm hoping we do. No matter what, this is a winter to remember.
Meanwhile, I am going to sit back and watch, go out and shovel when I need to stretch, and enjoy lots of homemade food such as soup we will make and the homemade pizza we just finished off. Just praying that we keep power; that would completely change my happy mood if it went out for days. However, I'm really not expecting that to happen.
Let it snow!

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