Saturday, January 30, 2010

Celebrity Look Alike

Well this week on Facebook everybody is supposed to post a picture of someone that is famous that looks like you. I had a lot of trouble finding anyone close. I used a generator by scanning in a photo of myself and it came up with Venus Williams. Ummmm, not quite.
I mean seriously, here is my actual picture:
So as you can see, the celebrity generator wasn't working for me. I decided to waste a lot of time and find someone by myself. The best I came up with was this picture of Mandy Moore.

So what do you think? Do I look more like Venus Williams or Mandy Moore? Ha! Or maybe I look like someone else. Judy Garland was one of the suggestions from the generator. Sometimes wasting time can be so much fun!


tracey said...

i'm going with mandy. although the venus williams match is DARN funny. ; )

Anonymous said...
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