Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mouse in The House Part Two

Well, the mouse either got back in or this is a second mouse. Andrew discovered it one morning on the kid's art table. Chili caught this one while we were sleeping and placed it exactly like this on the table, I suppose as a gift to the kids. I think our cat has a sense of humor because notice the book. Maybe Chili wanted Christina to feel a REAL animal. Hopefully we will have no more mice. They don't stand a chance anyway with our cat. As for Chili, she deserves a few extra treats.


Kathy said...

What a great story - you must have a cat that can read! AMAZING!! You are the best! Love, MOM

pastortom said...

I love the mouse in the house stories! and Truth is Stranger than Fiction! Wow! Chilli must be one smart cat. Does he read yet? I have heard it said that house cats will bring their prey to their owners as an act of submission and as a gift.
Very well written stories and pics! Love you, Dad