Friday, November 21, 2008

Mouse in the House Part One

Sometime last week, we had some excitement right after the kids' bath. We were getting their pjs on, and all of a sudden a mouse ran across the floor with our cat Chili chasing it. No boring bed time that night! A real life Tom and Jerry chase was happening in our living room, much to the delight of the kids!
It got even more exciting when our cat actually caught the mouse in her mouth a couple times, but the poor little thing was able to jump out and keep running. When I say poor little thing, that doesn't mean I am excited about having a mouse living in my home :)
Chili cornered the mouse behind the entertainment stand. Phil was standing on one side with the cat, and I was on the other. I used a big box to try to trap the mouse in case he ran out. Instead, the cat ran into the box. "Wrong one!" I exclaimed, which made the kids burst into laughter. We got the cat out of the cardboard box. Phil put her behind the tv and let Chili sniff around back there. The cat found the hiding mouse for us, and the mouse went running right into the box!
I grabbed the box up quickly before the cat could join the mouse in the box. Thankfully the box was tall. I carried it outside. Being the picture taker that I am, I had Phil take a couple of the mouse. He looks a lot cuter in a box than running around my house! He carried the box across the street with David, and they let it go. It went running towards the neighbors :) We warned the mouse not to come back and told him how lucky he was to escape the cat. The question is, will the mouse find a way back inside? Those of you on Facebook may already know. Stay tuned for part 2.


pastortom said...

Great story! Your kids must have been really excited...not that you and Phil were un-excited. Way to catch that critter! and thank Chilli too.

Sean said...

Well, there's the little critter I've heard so much about!

lorenzstudio said...

That's me above accidentally logged in as my husband!