Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saying Goodbye is Hard to Do

We sold our PT Cruiser today. It was a little hard to say goodbye to a car that we have put into car shows, put lots of work into, taken family trips in, etc. Phil actually put it up on Ebay, and it worked! We decided that with only 2 drivers in the family, we really didn't need 3 cars. Now that the Spyder Eclipse convertible is running again, we sold the Cruiser. We sold it to a girl going off to college. Everyone in her family loves PTs. This is her first car.
The hardest part was explaining it to the kids. David fell apart when they drove away in the car. He screamed and screamed and cried and cried. It was a huge tantrum, one of his biggest ever. The whole time he was crying and carrying on, he was looking out the window watching for our car to come back. He just doesn't understand any of this. He asked Daddy if Daddy wanted to sell him too! So, we did a lot of reassuring that we would keep even if we were offered all the money in the world. Poor kid.
Last night the kids helped Daddy wash the car one last time. Here are the pictures:

Christina is happy helping Daddy
Busy, helpful girl!
Andrew is busy helping too
David played in the water during the car wash. That's the fun part!
We will miss our car since we had it 6 years, but it was time to say goodbye.

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The G's said...

What a sweet story! David is going to be a car nut like his dad! We we traded our camry for our sienna Betty was really sad. We were at the dealership the other day for service and she asked us if she could see our old black car. She thinks they will save it for her to buy when she is old enough! She and David could start a support group.