Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Day of School

I am pretty late putting up pictures of the first day of school for Andrew. He wasn't so sure that he wanted to go back because he didn't want summer to end. Now he has settled into the school routine and says it is even better than playing Super Mario! Here are some pictures from the first day.
He has his shirt tucked into his underpants. Oops! I think his shirt came untucked before he got to school. I hope so!
I told Andrew to do a "too cool for school" pose. I guess he has that look down!
David decided he wanted to pretend to be a baby that day. He was actually very excited Andrew was going to school. No more fighting over his new birthday toys! I think he misses his brother now that a few weeks have gone by.

Here is Andrew in the first grade classroom. We got there really early. He was the first to get there in his class. We found out his friend David decided to come back this year, so Andrew was very happy.This is Andrew with his new teacher, Mrs. Platt. She is very nice! He loves school. I'm so proud of my big first grader!

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The G's said...

What a fun day! Andrew looks so happy! I see he is wearing his lucky color. Glad that David returned.