Saturday, January 15, 2011

Small Town Night in the Suburbs

Last night we had a fun time as a family. We headed over to Jerry's Pizza for dinner. Phil and I have been going to that Jerry's since we were dating. One of the employees over there always recognizes us. She has been watching our kids grow up over the years. She still remembers when we carried them into the pizza place as babies. Phil got his usual sub, and we also ordered a large pizza(half cheese, half sausage). Oh, and don't forget one super size order of fries! We enjoyed devouring all that yummy food and letting the kids make silly faces in the big mirrors that cover most of the walls.
Next, we headed over to Milwaukee Frozen Custard for dessert. We walked in and found out they are now serving funnel cake. Yum! This was the first night they were selling funnel cake, and we were the first ones to buy one. It was delicious and cheaper than getting it at an amusement park. Al brought it straight to our table, proud to serve his first one. We weren't disappointed. The kids and I also got chocolate custard. So good! If you've never been to Milwaukee Frozen Custard, I highly recommend it. It has a definite small town feel.
We spent a little while in Milwaukee Custard, allowing the kids to enjoy the silly mirror, the train, and the dessert. When we got home, we put the kids to bed, and then Phil and I watched one of our favorite shows called "Lie to Me."
There is no other way I'd rather spend my Friday nights than with my family, making memories.

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