Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Goodbye Crib, Hello Bed!

This week Christina has made the transition from crib to bed. It all started because I went to Toys R Us to return duplicate Christmas toys for her. I really wasn't sure what to get. So, as I was wandering around the store, I saw the toddler beds. I realized that I would only have to spend 9 dollars out of pocket to be able to get her the bed. The boys each got beds on their 2nd birthdays. Even though she hasn't figured out how to climb out the crib yet, I figured I should let her be a big girl since she is now a 2 year old.
She absolutely loves it! The first night it took her about 30 minutes to relax in it, but after that first night, she now goes to bed very well. Here are some cute pictures of this milestone.
She's a pretty good builder too!!

As soon as she sat in her bed, she folded her hands and said "Pray". It was so adorable!Chili didn't waste any time getting comfortable!
Just in case you thought we really made our daughter build her own bed, here is the real builder. I'm so proud, he even read the directions! My baby girl is growing up!!

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