Saturday, August 9, 2008

What a fun day! Part Two

Shenandoah National Park

After our visit to the farm, I did not want to go home! I asked Phil to start driving down the road to see where we would end up. We used to do this back when we were dating. We would cruise around Virginia and discover cool new places to visit. So, we loaded up on snacks at a gas station with the cheapest gas I have seen for months and started driving. We ended up going to Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. The entrance fee for one visit was 15 dollars, but it was 30 dollars for a pass that is good for a year! We got the annual pass which means we get to go back. We didn't see any bears this time, although people in the park told us they had seen bears today. We did see a couple English bulldogs, but they weren't wild animals. The butterflies were out in full force though, and were absolutely beautiful. Here are some beautiful pictures of our time in the park:
Kids on the road trip! They kept saying they were cold with the windows rolled down, but it was such a warm day. I guess they should bring their blankets next time.
Sitting in the park with a beautiful view
I'm really proud of some of the pictures I took today; the butterflies were so beautiful, and they were everywhere!

I thought this old tree looked pretty neat.

I just can't get enough of this view! I'm so glad we got the annual pass. This will be so pretty this fall too!

My boys! They were really hoping to see a bear I think! They still had a great time.
Daddy and the kids on top of a mountain

I will end this post with a couple more butterflies and notice the bumblebees too.


The G's said...

Loved looking at your pictures. Don't you just love this weather we are having? It is making me plan things for the fall like picking apples and going to Cox Farms!! Your kids are so cute.

tracey said...

Beautiful photos Lori. Now I want ot go for a drive!

Linda said...

Beautiful pictures. I saw you blog link through Etsy but I am guessing we have even more in common after reading your profile. ;)