Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Bear went over the Mountain

On Monday afternoon, our family went back to Skyline Drive. In the evening when we were getting ready to leave the park, this black bear walked across the road in front of our car. The kids were delighted, and Phil and I were too!
Anyway, we spent some more time in Shenandoah National Park yesterday. We asked the rangers for an easy walking trail for the little ones. It was still over a mile, but it was a great walk. We saw 3 deer yesterday; one of them was on our hike. Here are some more mountain pictures for you:
Taking a break on the hike
I just can't stop taking pictures of all the beautiful butterflies! I love them!
When I was a kid, we used to climb this mountain a couple times a year as a family or with the youth group. When our own kids are older, we will take them on that climb too.

In the meantime, they can climb little "mountains".

This deer was standing right next to the road, eating leaves for dinner. She was almost close enough to touch. I took this picture from the car window. The kids were so excited. We have been enjoying looking at God's creations at Skyline Drive.


The G's said...

Oh my! What a sight!

Elizabeth said...

Cool bear. And what lovely pictures.
Mine rarely come out that good - even with a decent dig. cam.. You must have some talent. :>

pastortom said...

You are a very good photographer Lori! Wow! I think those photos would sell...the bear, deer, butterflies. (And the KIDS!) Loved your memory moment re. climbing Old Rag.