Sunday, July 13, 2008

Independence Day

We had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend. We went to Lake Anna for the weekend to visit my in-laws. Christina had her first jetski ride(waverunner)! No pictures of that, but I'll get one next time. She looked so cute and proud of herself. She had her infant lifevest on; I drove at 5 mph, maybe 10 mph max. She was thrilled to be a big girl like her brothers. Maybe I'm a little nuts to put an18 month old on a jetski, but we were very safe about it.
Part of the time it rained, so we had to do some activities indoors:
Making cookies with Grand-daddy

Washing beloved Doggy
Helping Me-Maw cook

We watched some fireworks at the lake put on by neighbors, and my father-in-law. Christina went to sleep really late because the neighbors were shooting their fireworks off late into the night.
Fireworks at the Lake
The neighborhood that the grandparents live in put on a cute parade, smaller than I have ever seen before. People decorated their golf carts, and drove around the neighborhood. Like I said, it was small. The kids liked the free candy. Here's one last picture, because I have to show off my daughter's cute little independence day outfit:
We wrapped up the weekend by going to King's Dominion for a couple hours and watching their fireworks from our car in a thunderstorm. It was a busy weekend. Lots of great family memories were made.

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tanyBUG said...

that first picture, looking at the cookies, is sooo cute!