Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stink Bag

So the other day I was on a walk with my cutie dog Pepper. We usually walk about 2 miles. Well, I must have been distracted because I realized I had dropped one of her poop bags. I looked behind me, and it was no where in sight. I had no desire to retrace my steps to find it, but I still felt bad leaving a bag of "stuff" on the sidewalk.
Fast forward two days, and I decided to go on my usual walk again. I was happy to find the bag of dog leftovers on a street corner. I must have dropped it when I was rounding the corner. Well, trying to be a good neighbor, I picked up the bag from two days ago. I continued on my walk.
As I kept walking, this jogger ran past me and gave me a strange look. I looked down, and the dog bag was leaking. It was all over my shirt, pants, and legs. Ugh!! It had rained the night before, and I didn't realize the bag had a leak and had filled with water. I found a nearby trashcan and discarded the bag. I don't usually like to use other people's trashcans, but I was not about to carry the bag and leaking contents the rest of the way home!
Anyway, I made it home with the doggy, told my husband my disgusting story, and hopped into the shower.
Lesson learned!

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