Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Money Stuff

Money has been on my mind a lot lately. My husband and I have stopped using credit cards. That is quite the change for us. But, we were living beyond our means and knew we had to quit that habit.
Now we are working on paying off our debt. I am happy to report that we recently paid off a credit card. It feels good!!!!
Money has been super tight every month. Sometimes we haven't known how the next bill would get covered. God has been providing for us EVERY time. For example, we were 83 dollars short on making our mortgage payment. Well, that week I got a last minute babysitting job that paid $84. That is just one example of how amazing God has been to us. He has been providing EXACTLY what we need, not more, not less.
It will take a couple years to get out of all the debt we have, but we have learned through this experience, and once our debt is gone, we will continue better habits we have learned the hard way.

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tracey said...

awesome! we got rid of credit cards and have been working on being debt free before we move. there have been some tight times, but it's worth it!